Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spanking self-righteous a$$e$ would set this country straight

a good stern hard spanking. How did we let our rights be surpassed by our privileges, and our privileges determine morality in the sense that some with power are empowered to take advantage of each and every situation to others detriment. While those with responsibility do knowingly and willingly put investments and monies at risk for greater glory, they become more self righteous and untouchable hurting real people than the thousands of prisoners we have in our jails who are there for the "victimless" crimes such as non-violent drug offenses, in which no-one was hurt or affected but the incarcerated. Truly we know this - there are no "victimless" white-collar crimes - and sometimes one must truly live through a lesson to be intelligent and diligent enough to 1) not repeat it, and 2) educate offspring and younger generations to do the same.

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